Tests & Services

Hearing Test & Services


Our FREE Consultation includes:

  • A full discussion of your current hearing and most importantly your lifestyle
  • A thorough examination with video otoscopy of the outer ear and eardrum to check for wax, obstruction or infection
  • The full test involves presenting a series of pure tones at different frequencies to create a chart called the Audiogram
  • A speech in noise test called  QuickSin
  • We will guide you through your results and the next appropriate course of action. One course of action may be the provision of hearing aids. We will demonstrate the best solution that will suit  your own lifestyle and financial commitment.
  • Should we discover anything that requires attention from your GP we will refer you straight away
  • WAX. Stephen has the NHS qualification to safely remove ear wax by using a technique called Microsuction. The wax is gently removed from the outer ear canal without the need for syringing or use of water.

Home visits available